Al-Rayyan Mixed Use Complex

  • Design year : 1996.
  • Location :  Amman – Al-Shmeisani.
  • Client :  Mr. Mahmoud Al-Rayyan .
  • Services :  Full design services  and supervision of construction.

- The project is located in Al-Shmeisani with a total area of (6773) m2.

- The aim of the project was to design a three star hotel in an area full of international hotels to give the visitors of Amman the chance to stay in a place more suitable to their budgets but still get to enjoy all the services provided in this tourist-packed area. 

- The building consists of twelve floors:

  1. Three basements where the third and second basements were used as parking lots and the first basement as a restaurant with full services.
  2. The ground floor includes includes a large reception hall and shops.
  3. The floors from the first floor to the eighth floor include 10 suites in each floor that differ in dimension and space to accommodate the different users.
  4. The last floor includes the rest of the building’s services .