Amman Greater Hall

  • Supervision year : 2007 .
  • Location : Amman.
  • Client: Al Hussein youth City.
  • Services :  supervision of construction.

- The project consists of supervising the expansion of Amman greater Hall in AlHussein youth city in Amman with a total area of (7200)m2.

- The project consists of three floors:

  1. The basement floor with a total area of (2248.96)m2 and includes the primary kitchen, the dessert kitchen, food preparation and distribution areas and parking lots.
  2. The ground floor with a total area of (2380.31)m2 and it consists of reception halls , an expansion to the multipurpose hall with an area of (530)m2, entrance to the royal suite , bathrooms and services.
  3. The first floor with a total area of (3046.21)m2  and it includes the royal suite, offices, storages and services.