Dar Al-Hanan project

  • Supervision year : 2008 .
  • Location : Irbid. 
  • Client : Ministry of Social Development.
  • Services :  supervision of construction.

- The project consists of supervising Dar Al-Hanan project of 5 floors with a total Area of (5106.38) meter square and a water tank, pump room and external works for the project.

- The five floors are as listed below:

  1. The Basement with a total area of (1012.37)m2 where it contains a Boiler room, Diesel room, Generator room, electricity and laundry rooms , central computer room, central kitchen, storage room, drivers room, maintenance room, multi-purpose , billiard room, playground, freezers and service rooms.
  2. The Ground Floor with a total area of (1077.93)m2 where it contains psychiatry rooms, doctor room , medical isolation ward, pharmacy, barber shop, bedrooms, daycare, a kitchen, Administration ward, reception, meeting room, accounting room, archives, cleaning room, a play area , a setting room, a dining room, a prayer room ,service rooms and terraces.
  3. The First floor with a total area of (922.41)m2 where it consists of bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, storage room for the library, halls and workshops, kitchens, service rooms and Verandas.
  4. The Second floor with a total area of (1066.37) m2 and it contains living rooms, dining rooms, cleaning room, kitchens ,service rooms, and verandas.
  5. The third floor with a total area of (855.6)m2 and contains bedrooms, living& dining rooms, kitchens, service rooms and verandas.