Sweilmeh Health Center / Mafraq Governorate

  • Owner: Ministry of Health.
  • Employer: Ministry of Public Works and Housing.
  • Survices: Supervision of Construction.

The total area of ​​the project: 1760.67 m 2.

-First phase :-

Supervising the proposed four-storey building with a total area of ​​(1516 m2) in addition to exterior works and external walls, paved courtyards.

  1. Second basement floor level (147.94) m2 (Boiler room + generator room + diesel room + warehouse)
  2. First basement floor level (464.32) m2 (garage can accommodate (9) cars + warehouse)
  3. Ground floor area (537.38) m2 (offices, clinics, emergency rooms, waiting rooms, sanitary units, pharmacy, laboratory, kitchen)
  4. First floor with an area of ​​(310.82) m2 (maternity clinics, children's clinic, teeth, medical records) The

-Second phase :-

Design and supervision of the addition of a radiology room on the ground floor and the transfer of the laboratory to the first floor through the expansion of the first floor area (130.63) m2.

-Third phase :-

Design and supervision of the addition of housing for doctors consisting of two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a living room and kitchen by expanding the first floor area (114.04) m2